Studie areas on the Campus

Dear students,

Thank you for your feedback. Because of our quick growth, we realize that the facilities sometimes are  under pressure. We understand the need for adequate study rooms. Therefore the following actions have been taken:

  • As of this week room A2.03 is open for students as a silent study area. On the 4th floor, study rooms have been outfitted with workstations. Please do respect the employee area on the right.

  • At location Stichthage the 13th floor is open for study places, some of which are outfitted with a workstation.  This area is open from 8-19 hours.

  • Starting from April 11 the Schouwburgstraat is open for students on Saterdays and Sundays from 10-19 hours. Access is possible with the LU Card.

 We’re hoping to be of better service to you with these actions.  For questions, please contact the Faculty at

Cindy van Houts

Projectmanager Facilities en Huisvesting FCDH

Last Modified: 08-07-2015