Feedback results on evaluation

The faculty Campus The Hague would like to thank you for all the questionnaires that have been filled in and all the feedback and critical advice that have been shared over the course of 2014. As this is the start of a new year, the faculty would like to let all our students and staff members know what we’ll be doing with this feedback and all those evaluations. A number of  measures have already been implemented.

Work Stations

The quick growth of the numbers of students studying at Campus The Hague means that pressures have also been increasing on the limited number of study areas and work stations. To cope with this problem, the faculty has implemented a number of measures for the period up to 2016:

  • An additional 8 extra work stations, with computers, will be created on the sixth floor of the Schouwburgstraat. The work stations will be ready between April and June 2015.

  • An extra hall, next to the Learning Centre on the Schouwburgstraat will be made available for students to study in from September 1, 2015; including 8 work stations with computers.

  • The restaurant at Stichthage is refurbished to function as a study area for students. Opening hours: during lecture periods till 19 hrs., outside lecture periods till 17 hrs.

Campus The Hague will open the doors of its new location on the Wijnhaven in the next year – 2016 - where an additional 660 work stations for students will be created. A portion of these will include a PC.

Lectures at external locations

Both students and staff members have reported that they are unhappy with the facilities in the Kloosterkerk. That location will therefore no longer be used to host lectures. When planning schedules, the faculty always aims to limit travelling times for students attending lectures as much as possible. However, as the facilities present at the Campus’s external locations vary (as do their schedules), some variations in travelling times are unavoidable.

Organisation of examinations

Of all the locations used, the Opera and Allians Centre and the New Babylon have been recognized as the most comfortable and functional locations, both by the faculty, its staff members and by the students. Your experiences and suggestions for improvements can be sent to the Education Service Centre, which will help the organisation to develop the most optimal examination situations and locations.


Digital printing will be made possible in all locations of Campus The Hague in early 2015. The telephone number of the technical support team will also be added to every printer. Should a technical failure occur, the on-duty technician will prioritise solving any printer problems when fixable.

Sport facilities

A sports centre will not be added to the campus in the coming years, but students at Campus The Hague will be able to use all of the high-quality sport facilities of the Haagse Hogeschool.

The faculty would like to invite everyone to share their feedback and criticisms with the organisation as soon as they occur, so measures can be implemented on a short-term basis. Please send all comments to, but of course it is also possible to provide feedback through the various education secretariats. They will make sure everything ends up in the right place.

National Student Survey 2015

In addition, the faculty would like to point out that the National Student Survey (NSE) of 2015 is online. The NSE is a good way to give your input for the internal quality assurance. The faculty encourages all students to participate. Students have received an email with a personal link. More information can be found at the website of the National Student Survey.

Last Modified: 02-02-2015