11 December: Agile for Excellence: Agile transformations in large-scale and regulated environments

We would like to invite you to the event Agile transformations in large-scale and regulated environments at Leiden University - Campus The Hague, on Friday, 11 December, 2015. This event is organised in cooperation with PwC  and CA Technologies Agile Central

Innovate, adapt or die? While Information Technology provides much of the infrastructure in our organizations today, having implications on their governance, only an alignment to business and other organizational processes enables sustainable organizational agility. 

Transformation Workshops (13:00-17:30), please register (100€)

Keynotes and Drinks (18:00-21:00), please register (free registration required) 

How can we improve the engagement and effectiveness in today's organizations and avoid expensive project failures

While agile methods revolutionised the way we work in projects, there is still little experience on how to implement those organisation-wide, especially in large and regulated environments (large public organisations, energy sector, and banks). 

The goal of the event is to facilitate knowledge exchange among the participating organisations.
Our guiding questions are: 

  • What is agility and how can it help improving organisations today?
  • What are the right models of governance?
  • What is the role of management?
  • What are regulations impeding agile or innovation projects in general? 


Who should attend?

Management staff (business & IT), project and portfolio management, PMOs and change agents.

At this event, experts and speakers share their insights to inspire you on how to make your projects work more effective. Further, during the workshops, participants can experience the application of Agile Project Management across the lines of portfolio management, project management, and self-management.


In order to facilitate the knowledge exchange we divide the event into: (1) transformation workshops, and (2) keynotes. 

Plenary: Welcome and Intro (13:00 – 13:45)

13:00 – 13:15 Welcome and warm-up exercise
13:15 – 13:45 Introduction Agile For Excellence initiative 
- Challenges in knowledge work projects 
- Aim of workshops (create awareness, identify change agents, discuss possibilities)


Plenary: success stories (13:45 – 14:55)

13:45 - 14:05 Mirjam Elast - Zeeders - Spir-IT

14:10 - 14:30 Peter Turien - Stedin

14:35 - 14:55 Sean Cavandi - Bank of Scotland


Workshop Tracks (15:00 – 17:00)
Room: Living Lab Room: Board Room Room: A2.01 Room: Board Room

Agile Portfolio Mgmt

Christoph J. Stettina

15:00-15:55 - Run 1

Scaling Agility

A roadmap to transformation

Andy Sales


Rapid Prototyping & Agile

Business Development

Jorn Poldermans

15:00-15:55 - Run 1

Agile within PRINCE2

Jan Vlietland

15:00-15:55 - Run 1

Short Break

Agile Portfolio Mgmt

Christoph J. Stettina

16:00-16:55 - Run 2


Rapid Prototyping & Agile

Business Development

Jorn Poldermans

16:00-16:55 - Run 2

Agile within PRINCE2

Jan Vlietland

16:00-16:55 - Run 2


Plenary: Reflect and follow-up (17:00 -17:30)
What did you learn from the sessions today?
How would it be applicable in your organization?


Plenary: Keynotes and Drinks (18:00 - 21:00)

18:00 - 18:15 Walk in welcome

18:15 - 18:25 Introduction by Dr. Christoph Johann Stettina (Leiden University CF!/AE)

18:30 - 18:50 Special guest

18:55 - 19:15 Andy Sales - Agile transformation coach - CA Technologies Agile Central

19:20 - 19:40 Bas Touw - Director Online Sales and Services - Nuon

19:50 - 20:20 Exploring opportunities

20:20 - 21:00 Networking and drinks


Curious what that looks like? You can find pictures from last year’s event, and the videos of (1)Panel session, (2) Edgar van Zoelen (Philips), (3) Kim Bosman (Rally), (4) Marcel van Oosterhoud (RSM)



Agile Portfolio Management Game
Christoph Johann Stettina 

Agile project management methods revolutionized the way how software projects are executed and organized. As a possible perspective, project portfolio management enables agility outside of individual projects through a global view on resources and their distribution across projects. In this session you will learn about prioritizing projects and requests, how to start defining your organization’s Portfolio Scoring Model, and about the political dimensions of portfolio management.

Scaling Agility - A Roadmap to Transformation
Andy Sales

How do you plan an organizational transformation? Your agile transformation is a multi-quarter to multi-year journey. Waterfall approaches of developing a big up-front plan won’t work: there’s too much that changes along the way. You can’t know your transformation destination wholly when you start — just the general direction you are headed — and then you must steer along the way. And yet, we need a plan to guide our investment and focus.

Learn tried and true techniques to plan and steer your transformation from Rally’s transformation consultants. Leverage agile and Lean techniques to roadmap a transformation based on the goals and outcomes you're seeking. You’ll leave this workshop with tactical steps to get started on creating your own agile roadmap with measurable outcomes.

Rapid Prototyping & Agile Business Development
Jorn Poldermans

How to align ideation with agile projects to make agile businesses? While Information Technology provides much of the infrastructure in our organizations today, only alignment with business and other organizational processes enables sustainable organizational agility. Rapid Prototyping is a tool for ideation in multi-disciplinary teams: a loop to quickly hypothesize, develop, test and quantify ideas across experts from business development, IT, design, and your (potential) end-users.

In this workshop you will learn (1) to create showcases by quickly -and therefore cheaply- finding out what works and does not work by testing and pivoting ideas, and (2) to deal with team-based innovation methods, based on multidisciplinary teams across organisational boundaries.

Agile and Prince2 - a powerful marriage
Jan Vlietland

Many enterprises use Prince2 as a way to drive their change portfolio. When adopting Agile methods organizations need to intertwine the Prince2 method with their Agile practices. In this session you will learn how to successfully mix Prince2 and Agile to achieve: (1) long term value, (2) delivery flexibility and (3) overall risk reduction. The session uses a people and process perspective on this present-day topic. The many everyday examples makes the session valuable for every change oriented professional.



When: Friday 11 December 2015
Where: Leiden University - Campus The Hague, Living Lab, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague 
Contact: ace@cdh.leidenuniv.nl

Transformation Workshops (13:00-17:30), please click here for registration (100€)
Keynotes and Drinks (18:00-21:00), please click here for registration (free registration required)

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