About the Faculty Campus The Hague

Welcome to Campus The Hague, one of the seven faculties of Leiden University. Firmly rooted in the academic tradition, our students and researchers work together with national and international partners on new insights and solutions to current issues at the crossroads of politics, public administration and international law.

News and events

New collaboration Haagsch College – Campus The Hague

The successful collaboration with Haagsch College of the past year has led to a new and full partnership for the upcoming academic year. This year's programme include the following speakers: Prince Constantijn, Leo Blokhuis, Coen Teulings, Ruud Lubbers and Jan Peter Balkenende.

Veni grant for Caspar van den Berg

Caspar van den Berg, researcher and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Public Administration, has been awarded a prestigious Veni grant of 250,000 euros from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) for his international comparative research on politicization of top civil servants.

Lustrum Public Administration

The start of the academic year 2014-2015 was also the start of a milestone year for the Institute of Public Administration. On September 1st 2014 it was exactly 30 years ago that public administration became a separate academic programme at Leiden University.